BRASIL, 1986

Ariel Spadari's background includes several courses in the field of biological sciences such as botanics and taxidermy, subjects directly reflected in his works.

Spadari explores the framework of contexts that make him a bit of a biologist, a chemist and a botanist, but above all a complete artist. In his works live the permanent conflicts between nature primeval and that altered by mankind.


POÉTICA, sofisticação e ciência

Ariel studied the subject Visions of Nature: Poetics, Sophistication and Science as a special student in the master's class of Prof. Hugo Fortes at the University of São Paulo.

Since the beginning of his artistic production, Ariel Spadari's valuation has been exponential - averaging 24% per piece - giving his works a strong resale power.

 Acquiring a work of Ariel Spadari is to permit yourself a meeting with the unexplored, along with the guarantee of shaping not only the environment, but also your investment portfolio for the better.